Monsters Wanted!

Fright Team Members Wanted!

Is the Halloween season one of your favorite times of the year? Do you enjoy the rush of making people jump out of their shoes? Can you get into makeup and costume and go over the top in character acting? Are you a team player who enjoys the comradery of working together with others? If we’ve just described you, we’re interested in having you join our team and we are now taking applications for this coming Fall/Halloween season. We’re looking for part-time experienced and closeted actors and haunt enthusiasts to help us scare the wits out of the guests of the Haunted Orchard. We’re taking applications to fill Actor, Security and Make-up Artist roles.


Crowd Control/Security:

Experience is required for this position. You must be at least 21 years of age and have GOOD people skills! This is not a bar, where you throw people out on their head! We need people that can handle a disruption to the operation without resorting to violence. We’re not looking for muscle bound hot heads. It is important that you are physically fit and able to perform a variety of tasks including; helping open the attraction each night, clean up, monitor and tear tickets at the entrance of the haunted attraction.



No acting experience is necessary, but the job requires a positive attitude, team playing and a desire to do your best. Acting in a haunted house can be both fun and rewarding. We look for actors that can show up on time, work evenings and weekends, have transportation to and from work, and most importantly have some love of the genre. If you’ve always wanted to dress up as your favorite monster, be someone else and run around scaring the daylights out of people and having fun doing it, this is the job for you. This is a serious business, but we are also serious about having fun! Our season runs, the last weekend in September, all of October. Keep in mind this job isn’t for everyone. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but if you’re into scaring people in a fun environment, this is for you.


Airbrush Makeup Artist:

If you have experience in applying theatrical and/or haunted house airbrush makeup, please contact us.



If you are interested in any of the above, we’re interested in having you join THE HAUNT ORCHARD Fright Team. For more information download the application and send an email to us at


Until we hear from you… pleasant screams!